What’s New…

This page starts at our beginnings…..

1/23/07 Visit our website, Wall Dressed Up! This is a work in progress and should be activated this week. Until then you will just get our starter page. Even the colors will change when we decide on our logo, but for now this will work. Check back soon!

1/31/07 Our website is now available online. It is just an informational site at this point, but we wanted to get used to the mechanics and editing before the real launch of ecommerce and ARTWORK on our site. I set up some email accounts and we are working on the “real” site on hidden pages until we launch. We should have our logo available to upload sometime next week. Initial designs sould be available for us to look at on Friday. Can’t wait until we have artwork and a video demonstration to upload.

2/7/07 Our logo designs came in and were totally off the mark. We are going to have someone Sue knows help us design it instead. In the meantime, we simplified the website. We do want the artwork to be the focal point on the site, so since we have no photo’s yet, it looks TOO simple, but soon it will all come together.

4/5/07 We are adjusting our printing to make it absolutely easy to apply to all surfaces. Although this may delay our launch a bit, it will be the best product on the market and will get the most consistant effects on both flat and textured walls with the application for textured walls as easy as for flat! Stay tuned!

6/1/07 Artwork is going to the printer this month. We are so busy that I do not have much time to write here. Some interesting developments, but it is all good! Our printer is great, our logo is coming along and should be worth the wait. We are just painting like crazy this month. We just can’t get launched soon enough. We had an amazing amount of hits to our site today. We have a great survey on the sight that is really helping us choose the designs to launch with. I just added a consultant inquiry page as we are getting some people asking about that. We have a considerable amount of people signed up for our newsletter. I am sure EVERYONE will be glad when we get some artwork on there! Thank you all for your patience!

6/20/07 Lots more artwork being painted. Logo is now decided upon, and we are just uploading some of our artwork that will go behind the “W”. We have created it so we can rotate colors and artwork within the design of the logo. Pretty cool. We are thinking of having a moving “transfer sheet” that peels away from the “W” on the website logo, because that would be a moving graphic that would visually show what the application is. First things first, however! I am headed to NY for a week to work with Sue jointly on some artwork, and then we will travel to our printer at the end of the week for a meeting.

7/17/07 Redesigned the website yesterday and uploaded the logo. I like it a lot better. I have spoken to several people lately regarding the demonstrator/home party plan. We are certainly working on that, but at this point it may something we implement a month or so? after launch. We will be working hard on that in August, so that may change, and we are going to send a questionnaire out to our list of people who want more info, so we can get their input.

7/29/07 We received our “Bird in the Wall” design and samples this past week. I put it up and took pictures that are here on the blog. We are now awaiting the rest of our designs with great anticipation. The backing paper is much improved over the samples we originally had of a similar product and our design transfers easily. We are very pleased that all our printing requirements have been met! All is good!

9/17/07 Everything is falling into place albeit a little more slowly than anticipated. Looks like the launch will be the first week in October now. I posted a new design on the site. It is so interesting to look at the analysis of where the traffic to our website is coming from…all over the world! We have had a huge response to our poll on the home page of our site. It is interesting to note that certain categories maintain the biggest percentages no matter how many people vote. We have gotten a lot of emails for very specialized requests too, though they may be better served with a custom muralist. Of course our goal is to build our line of transfer murals so we have many murals in every category, but it will take time to get to that point. We have to print in large quantities, but our intent is to add murals at a steady pace as we build the business.

10/9/07 We are OPEN! We did a soft opening over the weekend, and will send out a newsletter this week to our newsletter list. We are very busy with opening details, but we are getting orders and are happy to finally be open!

3/13/08 I have not updated this page in such a long time! We have been open for 5 months. What an adventure this year has been! We have 12 designs on our Wall Dressed Up website now and we are extremely busy with our marketing plan. There are so many new ways to market in this internet age and every day we seem to learn more.

6/17/08 We now selling on Amazon as well as our website. We are working on our reseller program and we should launch that in a few weeks.

11/28/08 Lots of news! We won the StartupNation 100 Home Based Business contest! It was based somewhat on votes (thank you to all who voted for us) and other criteria. We are so pleased and happy to have won 10th in the Most Innovative category!

We have been busy innovating too! We are going to be introducing a new product line called Movable Murals. These murals will be completely repositionable “peel and stick”, for those who do not want to commit for long or just want to play with the design. These are SO EASY AND FUN! We have found an award winning new material to print on, and since we do not have to print in huge quantities (like we do for mural transfers, which we still LOVE for their hand painted quality) we will be adding new designs as quickly as we can paint them! Yea! Look for LOTS of new murals in 2009!

  • Re-positionable “Peel and Stick”
  • Matte, thin material
  • High resolution artwork
  • No Bubbles, no damage to your walls!
  • Artwork right to the edge (no clear film edge)
  • Backing will not stick to itself and get ruined
  • Indefinite Repositioning
  • Easy To Remove
  • Leaves No Residue
  • Will Not Rip
  • Fade resistant

So that is what is new just 13 months after the launch of Wall Dressed Up. It’s been a great year!


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