Wall Decals

Rub-on Wall


See this complete mural design on Mural Designs post and photos of this design installed in the Mural Mural on the Wall post.

As we are painting, we would love your comments on what mural designs you might be interested in. Please feel free to give us any input here on this page (or any other page:-) Keep in mind our murals will be mural elements, not rectangular wall murals like wallpaper murals. Think windows, plants, mosaic borders, kids murals, trompe l’oeil designs and much much more.

We have gotten emails for laundry room clotheslines, anything Victorian, sea shore/boating, and lots of response for Tuscan scenes and vineyards and kids murals. Our poll has been very informative and we have gotten votes in all categories. Eventually we will have designs in every one of those categories!

We are both artists, so we both paint for Wall Dressed Up. I love to paint trompe l’oeil realism and Sue’s work is more design oriented. It is a fun compliment of designs. You will see our different styles in the artwork.

We appreciate your ideas and input. Remember to visit our website and sign up for our newsletter (or an RSS feed of our blog)!



5 thoughts

  1. I just bought a new home and I am in the process of
    of decorating my home like the tropical forest of
    of Asia, including everything form the animals
    to the tropical foliage. It has been fun, but
    my walls need the kind of help that I think
    paint transfers would really help to bring this
    tropical invironment to life. But I am anxious
    to get started so I hope that you can offer me
    help soon! Can’t wait to see more of your art
    work posted of your website. Do you have any
    idea how soon you will be opening up for
    busness? Joy

  2. Thanks for your input! We will not have anything tropical in the launch designs, but we will add new designs every month and will take your request into consideration! Sounds like a fun new home! We will launch soon after Labor Day, I imagine.

  3. I would like to buy a butterfly transfer for my bathroom and laudry wall – how do I go about purchasing this?

    Thanks you and have a wonderful holiday!

    Maria Polo

  4. I sent you a direct email, but there are links on this blog to our website and all you need to do is click on The Store tab on the home page and you can order on our site. We have free Priority Shipping for the rest of the month!
    Thanks and you have a great holiday too!

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