Busy Transportation Town with Cars Wall Decals…Fast and FUN!

Busy Transportation Town , Cars and Road
Fun and flexible wall decals with plenty of add-ons so you can make it your own!

There are so many fun ways you can arrange this set of Transportation Town wall decals! Made of a fabric-like decal material, Wall Dressed Up decals STICK and re-stick! You can remove and reposition so you get the design on your wall exactly how you like it!!!

Arrange in a border on the wall or with our trucks, cars, and roads to create an entire busy transportation town with a firehouse, apartment buildings, houses, townhouses and clock towers. There is a bridge and greenery to add to the fun! Your kids will enjoy arranging and rearranging their own unique scene. Our wall decals are removable and repositionable so don’t worry if they change their mind! What fun!

Here’s another pic, of our 3-year-old friend, Landon with the decals up in HIS room!!

You can find these and other wall decals over at Wall Dressed Up



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