Flower Power Wall Decals…Dress Up Your Walls For Summer!

Spring is here…celebrate with our new Flower Power wall decals in two gorgeous colors!

We are “growing” our Movable Mural wall decal line with the addition of this new flower design. It’s time to splash some color and shed those winter blues. Our movable murals are removable and reusable and are a beautiful addition to a room no matter what your age.

Flower Power Blue is blue, purple, turquoise and brown. Flower Power Pink is pinks, fuschia, and orange. These flower decals can be spaced however you would like on your wall or as shown with our leaf and stem design to grow along your wall.  Flowers measure form 8 1/2 “-14” with a total of 6 flowers which can cover a 6-8′  wall. What a beautiful way to celebrate spring!

Two- 14″ flowers (or larger if you space the petals further away)
Two -13″ flowers
Two -8 1/2″ flowers

Leaves and Stems are available separately. You can purchase flower designs with or without the stems and leaves!

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