Movable Mural Patterned Dot Decals!

Delightful Dots Decals

17 dots! Beautiful teal, aqua, green and brown in patterns and solids! Simply peel and stick! These decals are removable and reusable! The dots are easy to put up and won’t damage walls! Fun and colorful design detail to add to your walls!

* Three 10″ dots
* Three 7″ dots
* Four 4″ dots
* Three 3 1/2″ dots
* Four 2 3/4″ dots

These dot decals are available now on our site along with a pink and green version! They are really fun to put up and you simply can’t make a mistake designing with dots! Hey, even if you do…just peel it off and move it. We know there are a lot of junky decals on the market but these will be so much better than you expect. We have ordered from ALL the competition and we are always astounded that many decals on websites are deceptive. They are either printed on a clear plastic that has a border around the entire design, or sometimes they are very cheap (made in China). Our murals are made in the USA and printed on a lovely fabric like material that is matte and breathes.

What does that mean to you? NO BUBBLES. Even some pretty nice solid vinyl has bubble issues. This material lets any air out and thus, no bubbles. Also, it is matte and repositionable. If by accident the back sticks to another part…you can get them apart. In tests we have crumpled a design and put it on the wall again…no wrinkles even!

We know that if you try any one of these Movable Mural wall decals designs, you will LOVE all the wonderful features of our Movable Mural material AND your walls will look FANTASTIC! You can visit our Wall Dressed Up website for more information and to see more of our designs!


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