Introducing Our First Movable Mural (peel and stick!)

Paisley and Dots Movable Mural
Paisley and Dots Movable Mural

We have just put our first Movable Mural design up on our site! This new line of Movable Murals is made of a matte material that is just FABULOUS! It is far and away the best removable, re-positionable mural product on the market. We tested them all and this is the thinnest, has the most matte surface, it is SO EASY to put up (you can’t MAKE a mistake…if you don’t like where you put it just peel off and re-stick! It does cost a bit more to print on, but it is totally worth all the benefits. Put it on any surface and it will stick and re-stick indefinitely. It will STAY on your wall until you take it off. It is washable, fade resistant and will not leave any residue or harm your walls in any way! Simply peel off to remove. Store on backing sheet. Great for dorm rooms, apartments and any temporary situation, but elegant enough for your living room!  Retail: $79  Introductory Price: $ 69  See Details/Buy Now

  • 2- 20″x 12″  paisley
  • 2- 17″x 10″ paisley
  • 2- 14’x 9″ paisley
  • 2- 11″x 6″ paisley
  • 9- approximately 4″ printed dots
  • 13- 3″ solid dots

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