3Scrapateers Reviews Wall Dressed Up Mural Transfers

A very big thank you to the very talented women at 3Scrapateers for trying our murals and reviewing them! They took the Gerber Daisy design by Wall Dressed Up and were very creative in their applications! Of course pictures speak a thousand words, and maybe some of these project photos will give you a few ideas of your own! There are more photos and projects on the 3scrapateers forum, so be sure to visit and take a look!

Here are some of the reviews: See what the 3scrapateers team has to say about this product here:


Gerber Daisy Mural Mirror and Lampshade!
Gerber Daisy Mural Mirror and Lampshade!

“I confess….. I LOVE Rub-Ons. I use them in my card making and scrapbooking all the time and purchase about every font and doodle that is out there! Imagine how excited I was to see huge Rub-Ons that look like painted items that could be placed on walls, plastic, furniture, glass, etc. Wall Dressed Up has come up with an awesome product that is so easy to use but looks like you have been oh-so creative and artistic!

The rub-ons come on a large sheet. You simple separate the backing…put the design up against the surface you wish to use and use the handy plastic rubbing tool that is included. Then peel away the paper and viola! the design is left on your surface. It’s as smooth as paint….you can’t feel it’s there once it’s applied.

I chose to use the Gerber daisy design on a teen’s mirror and her lamp shade. It was so easy to do that she even got in the act applying the designs. The large daisies that we used really fit in with the decorating theme of her room and she was really happy with the result!

Wall Dressed Up has many different designs sure to please every individual decorating taste. What a wonderful way to add a little pizzazz and “something new” into your home.

I’m sold!

Here you can see what I did:”

Here is another review!__________________________________________________________________________________

Gerber Daisy Mural Transfer on furniture and more!
Gerber Daisy Mural Transfer on furniture and more!

“I was actually a bit skeptical when I read the description of the Wall Dressed Up Mural Transfers where it said that they were “thin as paint” but they really are super thin and easy too! I half expected a bit of a lip on the edge like other rub on transfers leave but these were applied honest to goodness as smoothly and as thin as paint! The colors are as rich and vibrant in person as they are on the website and there is so much detail in the images!!!

The size of the transfers is oh so fabulous! Some of the flowers were as big as my hands! My daughter and I applied these lovelies to a dresser that we use for extra storage in a bathroom after painting it black. The bright pink daisies added a wonderful pop of color to a rather bland bathroom.

My daughter also decided to add some decoration to a composition book that she is going to be using for school. She is really into the black, white and pink color combo so this was perfect!

We both highly recommend these beautiful wall mural transfers! I can see them being used in so many other ways now! I think I might have to visit the website again and start looking for a transfer rub on set that will look good in my kitchen… the cabinets are needing a bit of sprucing up!”

Gerber Daisy Mural Transfer Laptop!
Gerber Daisy Mural Transfer Laptop!
“Wow! That’s the first word that comes to mind. These transfers are truly awesome. I’ve never seen a transfer that is so easy to apply. They are so thin, you can’t feel the edges. About the only place I could feel where they were applied is where I overlapped them on my laptop and then it was so minute that they were hardly noticeable.

Did I mention that I’ve never seen a transfer apply so easily? Most of the transfers that I’ve used, you really have to rub with the transfer tool to get them off the paper and then you lift off the paper to find that some of it didn’t transfer. Then you spend forever trying to line it back up to transfer the rest of the design. These were just the opposite. The small thin lines came off the paper so easily that I made a couple of errors by letting it rest to heavily on the laptop without the cover paper and it stuck where I didn’t want it to which I just scraped off. I didn’t have any problems with the larger designs (flowers) sticking while I was trying to position them though.

I chose to decorate my laptop as it had a couple of minor scratches on it – after all – it is 4 years old. Rather than buying a skin for it, I felt this was a perfect opportunity to make it “mine” with the beautiful daisies. The hand painted look of them truly give it a hand made “craftsy” appearance which I absolutely love.

Because this is on an item that gets handled quite a bit and slid in and out of my laptop case, I chose to protect the design by putting on a spray sealer. After the design was applied, I masked off everything except for the lid on my laptop and sprayed several light coats of clear satin spray sealer. After the first few coats, I lightly sanded with steel wool and then applied a few more coats of the spray sealer and ended with a final steel wool sanding and buffing. It turned out beautiful and I don’t expect that it’s going to scratch very easily.

I can’t wait to use the rest of the daisies in my daughter’s room. We have to repaint her walls soon, so once that’s done, I plan on using the rest of them to decorate as her bedding and accessories will go perfectly with these.”

You can see my laptop design here: http://www.3scrapateers.com/galleryp…y.php?cat=1667


Gerber Daisy Mural Card
Gerber Daisy Mural Card

“You know that I had to make a card using this fabulous product.

I love the supersized designs.

I created a 5×7 card. The transfers applied easily and smoothly on the cardstock and it blended right into the paper. The design was the focal point of the card and did not really need much of anything else on the card.

It will be hard to refrain myself from making bunches of cards utilizing the Wall Dressed Up Mural Transfers.

These transfers will quickly become a new and creative item for your cardmaking and/or scrapbooking stash.”

Check it out here: http://www.3scrapateers.com/galleryp…7/limit/recent


Gerber Daisy Rub On Wall Transfer Mural
Gerber Daisy Rub On Wall Transfer Mural

Here is a picture of the original application used as a curtain of Gerber daisies hanging over a bed! Each order comes with all these daisies and roping. Obviously, there are TONS of creative ways you can use these! Go visit the 3Scrapateers site for more ideas. This is a fantastically creative bunch of women and a great resource for scrapbookers. We thank you all for your reviews and great ideas!!

The thin-as-paint mural rubs off the transfer sheet right onto your wall!
The wall transfer mural simply becomes part of your wall, just like a thin
coat of paint. This is not a sticker! Every original brush stroke is reproduced
in high resolution detail and shadows make the artwork pop!

Unique wall murals that can be customized to your space.
You can now beautifully decorate flat or textured walls, floors, ceilings,
furniture, mirrors and more without even a single drop of paint!

Gerber Daisy Transfers rubbed on small table!
Gerber Daisy Transfers rubbed on small table!

1. Decide where you want your mural transfer
2. Remove backing paper
3. Place on wall, smooth, then rub well with applicator tool
4. As you rub, pull off transfer paper, leaving only the thin as paint mural transferred to your wall!
5. It’s EASY and fun!

See what our 3scrapateers team has to say about this product here:

Thanks again to 3scrapateers for their reviews and lovely comments!

Wall Dressed Up


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