Easily Create Murals That Look Hand Painted Without A Single Drop Of Paint

By Carol Reynolds

Mural art is now easy for anyone to add to their walls! New printing methods have made murals as simple as rubbing them on your wall, like a tattoo. You don’t even need to be able to paint a stick figure, as there is no painting involved!

Terra Cotta And Wrought Iron Planter

Mural transfer companies can provide you with some fabulous artwork that you can order online. In a few days it arrives on your doorstep. Simply open, decide where you want your mural and remove backing paper. Smooth the mural element in place on your wall with your hand. It will adhere lightly at this point. Now, starting in a corner, use the rubbing tool provided and start rubbing! You can peel away the transfer sheet as you go. Finish rubbing and peeling away the sheet and all you have left on the wall is the dry, thin as paint mural. The murals are printed with every detail visible, in full color and patterns with every detail and brush stroke visible!Try some beautifully detailed Ornamental Butterflies that come in a set of nine butterflies for you to arrange as you wish. There are also patterns that are even more customizable to your space, like wrought iron, or English ivy. There are several companies that manufacture mural transfers.

The benefits of mural transfers over stickers or vinyl products is that once you rub them on your wall, they become part of the paint finish. There are no edges to peel up as they finished mural is as thin as a coat of paint! When it comes time to redecorate, they disappear under a coat of paint, just like a custom hand painted mural would!

For a fraction of the cost of a custom mural, and without any artistic ability at ALL, you can create a gorgeous mural in your home. As this mural product explodes in popularity, you will have access to more and more mural art that you can simply rub on your walls! You will find windowscapes, trompe l’oeil elements, vines and ivy, faux tiles and mosaic borders, along with flowers, balloons and other children’s murals.

Carol Reynolds

Wall Dressed Up

Wall Dressed Up Blog

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Carol_Reynolds


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