Pictures of New Designs (now available on our website!)

Our Newest Designs
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We have 3 new Wall Dressed Up designs. We have a very versatile wrought iron design that is a bit different than most. You will be able to create “faux” headboards, over the door designs and all sorts of accents from this one design. For those of you who are creative, mixing this with some vine or ivy should be fun too! We can’t wait to get our hands on this design to see all the things that we can make with the elements we painted to work together in so many ways! 2 sheets will create some amazing over-the-door designs, but we will also sell it in 4 sheets to create headboards and a great scrolled medallion out of 4 of the upper left corners with the circular piece in the middle. There are shadows around each piece, so the wrought iron is very dimensional. The straight wrought iron pieces are almost 2 feet each, so you get an idea of scale.

Wrought Iron Design

If you have not tried a Wall Dressed Up mural transfer, the new planter design will be a great starter design, though we warn you that you may get hooked on this product once you try it :-). This design is a simple wrought iron planter holding an aged terracotta pot and trailing variegated philodendron plant. The plant leaves come separately in groups so you can arrange the plant differently if you use two to flank a doorway or picture. You could alternately use the ivy in the pot also! This design will be priced under $20.00, so it is a great one to start with. We have used a lot of shadows on this design so it also looks very dimensional and will really “fool the eye” (trompe l’oeil).

Terracotta and Wrought Iron Planter MuralLeaves for Terracotta Planter

The third design is a neutral aged mosaic border. The “grout” is missing between the mosaic tiles so your wall color will become the grout color. This is what make transfers so unique and different from any other type of border, as the design really incorporates into your wall and your existing paint color becomes part of the design. This also makes the designs look different in different homes!

Mosaic Transfer Mural Border

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Feel free to comment if you would like to see a specific design added to our line! We are busy painting children’s murals at the moment! We appreciate all your suggestions!


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