Ivy Wreath

Ivy Topiary Style Wreath

Here is a picture of an ivy wreath made with just a 1/2 an order of our English Ivy (you get 4 sheets of ivy with each order for only $42, so this wreath was only $21!). This is a great price, considering that it would take at least a whole day to paint this directly on your wall with this much detail. At our going rate of about $400-500 a day to paint custom murals, this a real bargain! It truly LOOKS like we came to your house and painted right on your wall! It is so easy to make!

Start the wreath by lightly tracing a circle in pencil and then just add pieces of the ivy, overlapping as needed to create a circle of ivy. While it looks great for the holidays, this evergreen wreath can be used year round! This wreath is a good size at 20″ in diameter, but you could make it in any size. There is no buildup, even when the leaves are overlapped….it just incorporates into your paint! You can add more ivy leaves to make a denser wreath or leave it open and airy, whatever you prefer!

This took less than 1/2 hour to arrange and rub on the wall!

Visit our website www.walldressedup.com




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