The Idea Behind Wall Dressed Up

(To see a sample of our artwork look at the mural designs post)

We are so pleased to have found a product to bring to you that has all the qualities we were looking for in a transfer mural product for Wall Dressed Up. The printing technology itself is amazing. We spent a lot of time researching exactly the right method for you to transfer mural art to your wall. It was a childhood memory of a rub down transfer coloring book that sparked our first thought of combining printed transfers with our mural art.

Imagine all the walls you would love to decorate with murals or decorative painting. We painted murals for years the traditional way. We met with clients, showed our portfolio of work, decided on a theme or direction, did sketches and an estimate, found a spot on our calendar…which was often booked months out. We had all the business we could handle through word of mouth. We brought paints, ladders, tables, drop cloths, and sometimes scaffolding to our clients homes. Way up on a ladder, we created art. It was fun, but there were days we wished there was a way to do the painting in our studio, under optimal conditions…we felt our artwork would be even better.

Some artists have printed their murals on wallpaper, but then you have a cut edge and it does not look like it was painted on the wall. You know the drawbacks of wall paper. We thought of those coloring book rub downs…..that would be perfect. We could create the BEST artwork we possibly could, and customers (YOU) could simply rub the finished artwork onto your wall, no paint, no mess at all. You get to see the artwork ahead of time. You don’t have to wait months for us to fit you into our schedule. You simply order your mural and when it arrives on your doorstep… you open the package, lay out the mural where you want it, rub it off the transfer paper and voila! Your mural is done!

Oh, did we mention the price??? You’ll love it! We charged $500.00 or more per DAY to paint at someones house. You will now be able to order a mural that takes us a week or two (custom price would be $2500-$5000) to paint in our studio for an average $50-100. Most people won’t be able to tell the difference between a custom mural and a transfer. There will be designs for even less and some a bit more, depending on the size and complexity of the mural. It is an amazing value and we paint with a lot of attention to detail, as we spend more time on the art than we would be able to on a wall.

It is such a win win situation. You get our best artwork. We get to be as creative with our artwork as we can. We spend as much time on the artwork as we need and we get to paint in our studios, under the best lighting and with all our art supplies at hand. You benefit from the creativity that is generated under these conditions.

We know that some people may not quite understand how these transfers work when you just explain it to them. Ah…but when they see it demonstrated…WOW! So, our main goal in marketing this product will be to get it demonstrated to people. We will also have a video demo on our website. However, in person, after you rub it off the transfer paper and run your finger over the place where the artwork is transfered on the wall and feel no difference on the wall, it is pretty impressive. It truly looks and feels painted on the wall. Oh, and when time comes to redecorate, you simply paint over the transfer mural, just like you would a custom painted mural!

So, that is the story behind the start of our business, Wall Dressed Up. We are excited to launch soon. You can sign up for our newsletter on our website so you will be the first to know when we open!


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