Mural Designs


One of the hardest decisions for us is deciding which designs to launch Wall Dressed Up with. We have posted a “poll” of designs and design categories on our site and it is very interesting to see how the votes go. I check the poll often and people are emailing us with suggestions. Although it would be great if we could launch with a full line, the designs we have picked are ones we think will be useful in a variety of situations and they should be a great start. Our intention is to add new designs each month until we have a complete line. Children’s murals will be one focus for us early on, but we also want to add designs across all categories. The artwork is coming along well and we will have our first design back next month. The rest of the artwork for the launch is going to the printer next week. Our logo is going to be finished soon, and we will adjust the site and colors when we upload that. Little by little, every day it is all coming together.


3 thoughts

  1. Carol, I just wanted to say that I am so
    excited for you and your Company you just
    seem to really have it together even
    if you don’t feel that way. You are moving
    along so well. Your excitement is so
    refreshing, and I believe you will
    succeed with the positive attitude you have.
    I would certianly hope that anyone reading
    this would know that you are not related
    in any way to other companies. I hope you
    do add a demonstrator program. I know
    with the wonderful personality that comes
    through the computer you would be a wonderful
    person to work with. Keep up the great work!!
    Becky Washington, Ohio

  2. Well, thanks! We are very excited about this product and our company. There are certainly a lot of details to attend to as we get ready to launch, but our business philosophy is to have fun, work hard and make this the best company we possibly can. It is SUCH a cool product and we think that there is a great market for murals that transfer this easily and have an affordable price point. It is quite remarkable that we can have this “conversation” and feedback from the poll on our site. What great market research. People are able to tell us what they want and we are listening!

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