Our Biz

We are creating a company with a unique way to purchase and apply mural art to your walls.

Our murals are printed face down on a special transfer paper.

Only the printed inks transfer to your wall. The artwork is as thin and matte as paint, so it really looks
like it was painted directly on your wall!

* Easy to apply
* As thin and as matte as paint…it really looks hand painted
* Beautiful mural designs to choose from
* Affordable

We are busy painting!

Now that we have this wonderful printing that can bring some great mural art to your door, we
are busy painting so we can launch our site. Our artwork is full of fabulous faux finishes,
trompe l’oeil designs, architectural elements, unique designs and children’s murals.

We will be happy to put you on our list of people to email when we launch the site!
Just visit our website and sign up on our mailing list. The website will be “active” in
a few days. Wall Dressed Up

We would also love to hear what kind of designs YOU are interested in for your home.


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